Friday, 05.05.2023
Gare du Nord

Two artists, both divergent in nature, converge on a new and unique approach to the timeless Voice & Piano ensemble format.

Although these two musicians come from very different backgrounds, it feels as though this combination was meant to be. Chihaia's brilliant pianistic free improvisations brim with intensity while maintaining a sense of tranquility, even in the most unfamiliar of musical contexts. Spinnler's vocals, sometimes exuberant, sometimes pensive, allow for a range of expression and emotion not often heard. Both musicians share a remarkable perception of sound and space, sure to involve any listener on a journey through all shades of life and emotion.

Romanian-born pianist and composer Laura Chihaia began studying classical piano at the age of five in Bucharest. She went on to study at the Musik Akademie Basel with  well-respected educator Ronald Brautigam, while completing a Minor in Jazz at the Jazzcampus Basel. Laura's career as a performer is multi-faceted; she has performed internationally as a classical pianist in venues such as the Stadtcasino Basel and the Konzerthaus Berlin, while engaging in interdisciplinary collaborations with the Bundesjugendbalett Hamburg, the UWE-Festival in München and the Theater Basel.

At this point in time she carries a busy concert schedule, with programmes varying from solo classical piano recitals, over contemporary chamber music to interdisciplinary projects. In recent years she recorded her debut album as the Laura Chihaia Trio with Los Angeles-based musicians Andrew Lessman and Masatoshi Sato, entitled 'Water Is The Softest Thing'.

Photo: Anna Day

Award-winning vocalist and composer Lisette Spinnler has had a prolific career spanning multiple decades. Born in Wittinsburg, and currently based in Liestal, Lisette is an integral part of the Swiss jazz scene and has collaborated with several well-known musicians from Switzerland and Europe. Among others, she has been awarded the Chrysler Jazz Award at the Montreax Jazz Festival and the 2016 Spartenpreis Musik from the Canton of Basel-Land. She has toured Switzerland and Europe with her projects, the Lisette Spinnler Quartet, and her duo project with pianist Christoph Stiefel.